Most advanced iBeacons, Geo-fencing, and mobile marketing automation platform.

Perfectly timed proximity for highier profits.

iBeacon is a protocol developed by Apple. A Beacon is a small hardware device that uses iBeacon protocol to transmit a signal. When smartphone detects such signal, it can display a message relevant to that location (i.e. specific aisle in the store. The message can convey promotional items).

This technology is used to deliver highly relevant mobile ads based on context, proximity, location, timing, etc.

It is also used by busunisses for branding, customer loyalty, increase revenue, analyze customer behaviour, and more.

It is extemely important that you promotional message is recieved by the right person, and it is critical that the message is delivered at the right time, when a user is most receptive.

iBeacon technology and Adtrexâ„¢ platform are absolutely capable to do both.