Mobile User Experience

Create Amazing Customer Experiences And Maximise ROI.

All-in-One solution unites centralized customer data, intelligent targeting, proximity marketing and unrivaled customer messaging capabilities into one powerful formula to drive effective user engagement.

Enterprise class analytics will provide you with a granular understanding of your customer on a one-to-one basis in real time.


A people centered approach to insights and analytics. Understanding each of your app users in detail allows you to build highly relevant, contextualized app engagement campaigns through In-App Messaging or Push Notifications. Use our API to connect external data to deliver demographic insights.

App Insights

How frequently do my customers visit my app? How long has it been since users in New York last engaged with the app? Which is the most popular section of my app? What time is my app most popular? We’ll answer these questions with a simple integration in a matter of hours


Ever asked ‘Why aren’t my app users converting’? We can answer that for you. Through our Funnel Analysis we can tell when, where and why your customers dropped off and why

A/B/C/D/E Testing

Unsure which campaign will engage your users most? Don’t worry Adtrex’s smart multivariate testing algorithms will tell you which campaigns across control groups perform best so you know that the final campaign you launch will deliver the results you want.


Do you know what advertising is delivering you the most download and the customers with the highest LTV? Attribution will tell you where to spend your marketing dollars for the best return.


Drill down into each user segment to understand their actions. Do different User Segments do things differently in my app? Is the newest version of my app performing better for Segment A vs Segment B?

Right Message. Right Time. Right Location.
Manage thousands of beacons or geo fences to deliver contextually relevant app engagement.

Quick and Easy

Adding Geo-fence and iBeacons to your app couldn’t be easier. Add an address or drag and drop locations to start tracking location entries, exits and dwell time

Infinitely Scalable

None of the OS limitations that limit you to twenty locations. We handle scaling so you don’t have to worry about it. No need to know all your locations on day one just keep adding locations on the platform as you need them.

Deep Analytics

Understand your user's offline behavior with in-depth analytics of geo-fence and iBeacon behaviour. Track entries, exits and dwell time for thousands of locations.

Laser like targeting

Target users with relevant messages based on previous location behaviour. Or communicate with them at the right time in the right place with messages triggered based on location entry, exit or dwell time.

Dynamically create segments of your users to analyze and engage for high personalisation and better ROI.

User Segments

Any segment group you want to create based on gender, age, location, preferences, app version, language, etc. You can target them.

Custom Events

Want to know which pages, buttons, preferences your users are showing within your app? Tag any page, action or event in your app and you can segment and target those users based on that information.

Deep Analytics

Understand your users through online and offline behavior with in-depth analytics of in-app behavior and geo location data.

Laser like targeting

Target users with relevant messages based on previous app interactions and their preferences. Engage on their terms with personalized content tailored just for them.

Now you can reach more of your customers with In-App Messaging to deliver wide array of messages: marketing, service, etc. When your message has to be seen In-App Messaging is the answer.

Multivariate Testing

Use Multivariate testing to understand which campaign is most appealing to your customers. No more create, send and pray. Adtrex helps you to define which type of campaign will deliver the highest level of ROI for your brand.

Event Driven Automation

Using Adtrex’s robust automation engine you can trigger In-App Messages at the right time to the right customer. Using our Event Driven Automation engine you increase the likelihood of your message being relevant and delivering a result for you and your app user.

Global Reach

You can use the Adtrex platform anywhere in the world direct from your laptop, office computer or mobile device

Actionable Analytics

Through Adtrex’s actionable app analytics you can re-target users who have fallen off during your user journey and help to nudge them along your app journey with exceptional easy delivering relevant, helpful messages at the right time.

Quick and Easy

Send an In-App Message using an existing template or build a new In-App Message using our easy WYSIWYG to create a bespoke In-App Message to engage your app customers.

Successful businesses are utilizing app PUSH Notification to massively increase engagement and conversions.


Attract users into your app and boost conversions with personalized Push notifications. Customize your communication through the integration of existing user data with our powerful in-app analytics & user segmentation to gain real results.

Intelligent Delivery

Timing is key. Using our predictive analytics, you can get it right every time with custom scheduling and automated Push notification campaigns.

Location Targeting

Utilize Adtrex advanced location targeting technology to actively engage users with contextually relevant Push messaging in the right place at the right time.

Multivariate Testing

Use Multivariate testing to understand which Push campaigns deliver the highest engagement. Identify and automate the message with the most impact. Adtrex helps you to define which type of campaign will deliver the maximum ROI.

The app inbox enables you to share and communicate rich, full page content with your app’s entire audience, including users who haven’t opted in for notifications. Reach out and connect with your most valuable app users, with a personalized stream of targeted content, including news feed cards, tailored offers and personalized user messaging.

Leverage Unparalleled Audience Reach

Half of a typical app’s audience is left unaddressed. Apps that make high-performing message centers core to their experience see a 30% lift, on average, in user engagement.

Drive Consistent In-App Engagement

Give your entire audience a unique, dedicated inbox to consume and re-visit rich media content at their convenience, uncluttered from other marketing materials.

Deliver targeted messaging at each stage of the user lifecycle

Nurture all of your users through each key stage of the user journey. Continue the conversation with personalized content to drive key user actions and prompt goal completions.

The Perfect Companion to your Push and In-App Messaging Campaigns

Maximize the impact of your push campaigns. When a message center notification is sent in combination with a push message, average read rates more than double.

Redemption offers are a great way to engage with your app users and drive revenue. Adtrex has full tracking capabilities and redemption analytics for your campaign.

Drive foot traffic

How often do your app users enter your store or branch? Redemption messages are a great way to encourage your app users to visit your store or branch and interact with your staff.

Increase engagement

Create and send push message notifications to your app users to drive them into the app. Once in the app, they’ll receive an in-app message with the promotion details.

Campaign rules

All promotional offers have limits. When creating your redemption campaign, make sure you include your restrictions. For example the maximum amount of redemptions, a number of times a single user can redeem the offer, an expiry date, and the secret PIN code.

Redeem the offer

The Adtrex redemption offer system enables your users to redeem the offer through a unique pin number. This enables full tracking ad redemption analytics without integrating into any 3rd party POS or sales system.

Measure the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaigns.
Flexible attribution solution will track your marketing efforts over thousands of Ad networks enabling real time campaign analysis and optimization to drive the best app installs and post-install events maximizing your advertising ROI.

Largest Network & Publisher Integration

Access to over 1300 official network & publisher integrations including Super Publishers like Facebook, Google, Twitter & Pandora

Cost Per Install (CPI) Optimisation

Wondering which campaigns are delivering the lowest CPI? Adtrex’s attribution analysis gives you a clear understanding of what networks and campaigns are driving the lowest CPI, enabling a better allocation of budget to drive increased ROI of your Ad spend.

Post-install event analysis

Post-install event analysis will show you the media sources and channels that can deliver not only an install but also a loyal user who meets your goals, whether engagement or revenue-related. This will help you focus on targeting users who will deliver the maximum ARPU. We continue to follow a user’s post-install activity, measuring their in-app events, and then tie these insights back to the acquiring network.

Real-Time attribution analytics

Visualize the true impact of your marketing investments with real-time attribution and analytics. Adtrex puts crucial metrics at your fingertips empowering you to make up-to-the-minute decisions.

A/B Test your Campaigns

A/B Testing Campaigns allow you to test different versions of a single campaign to see how small changes can have a big impact on your results. With Adtrex attribution it’s easy to test different creative, CTAs or messaging, enabling quick analysis and optimization of ads to drive the best ROI of your ad spend.

View Through Attribution

View-Through Attribution allows you to track the true reach of your campaigns, including the influence of every impression served to users, giving much greater visibility than last-click attribution, where the source that drove the final click receives all of the credit.

Combine and connect customer data from both outside and inside of your App. Adtrex platform integrates into 3rd party systems like Point Of Sale Systems, Loyalty Systems, and CRM systems to deliver unparalleled insights into your customers.

Integrate Customer Data

Want to use your existing customer data to allow for deeper and more personalized segmentation? You can easily integrate with our Enterprise APIs to combine and connect customer profiles delivering the most detailed mobile marketing profile.

OmniChannel Marketing

How do I target customers when they’re in my retail location? Have they spent $500 in May Online? Do they have a loyalty card with 2,000 points? With 3rd party data and Adtrex’s data you can enhance your view of your customers allowing for the most powerful customer engagement to date

United Marketing

Where many become one. Adtrex brings your customer engagement channels into one. We deal with people, not users and allow you to deliver the most contextual experience for your customers

Laser like targeting

Target users with relevant messages based on previous location behaviour, in-app behaviour, online behaviour, or loyalty systems etc. Communicate with them at the right time in the right place with messages triggered based on location entry, exit or dwell time.

No costly IT infrastructure, quick installation, individual approach.
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