Imagine having an access to unique inventory that is not available in exchanges or ad networks, having an access to first party data with unique actionable data points in real time.
Imagine being able to convey your promotional message to the right user at the perfect time.
All that, plus granular analytics that shows you what works, and more.

ibeacon shopping

Influence your user when it matters,
where it matters.

Reach your perfect customer not only at the store or a restaurant but when he or she at the right aisle or a specific table at the restaurant. Users' location and timing detected via Geo-fences and Beacons.
Your message is 100% visible and contextual.

1st party location data

Inventory and data you won't find in exchanges or ad networks.

1st party data allows you to automate your campaign or act upon multiple data points in real time.

Beacons and Geo Fences can compliment each other. Combining them with other options can produce great results.

Smart targeting with audience segmentation allows you to deliver personalized, 100% visible and relevant messages that can boost an engagement.


Analyze, analyze, analyze.
Know your users, learn what they want, act upon your analysis.

No guesswork.
Knowing exactly what works, and what not helps to boost ROI.

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