Outstanding User Experience.

Thanks to Adtrex's intelligence, you get to know your users almost on a personal level. This allows you to deliver content that the user wants and expect to see. As a result, the user satisfaction and retention are high, and your app will never sit dormant on the user's phone.
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Additional Revenue Stream for Apps Publishers and Developers.

You don't need to sacrifice your existing monetization model to create an additional revenue stream with Adtrex.
Monetise proximity data with reputable brands and top direct advertisers. No Ad exchanges or networks involved.


This revenue  stream based on audience insights &
proximity data. The data enables brands to deliver highly
focused retargeting campaigns to good prospects.
Proximity data has a multiplier effect and brands will pay higher premium for it.

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Use Atrex to skyrocket app installs, engage your users and create valuable users experience for them.
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